Celebrating and Savoring – MSM

As you know, if you follow my fb profile, I am often on Money Saving Mom’s page, and sharing her posts!! I recently purchased Crystal’s book Celebrating and Savoring, A Simple Christmas.  It is a short book with ideas to stay with in your gift budget, budgeting time, Decorating, and much more.  I have read about half of it, and am feeling encouraged that I’m on track . . . mostly 🙂  I have my cash budget, I have most of the supplies to make the gifts I’m going to make (and about 1/3 of the way done) and already have a plan for when I’m decorating (Day after thanksgiving, and planning on keeping it simple, I do have little people.  
Anyway, Crystal is giving away a Kindle in honor of her book! So check it out on her site. Sounds like today is the last give away.  Also check out her book, I think it is 0.99 for one more day!! 

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