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Read and Share Bible

Read and Share Bible

Life and MiriclesLife and Miracles

A simple DVD containing many very short stories about the life of Jesus, miracles He performed and His life.  This DVD would be good for young children up to 10 years old. 

I liked this short DVD. It did a good job of showing lots of his miracles in easy to understand words, and allow the kids to see a lot of Jesus’ miracles.  After that (10 minutes or so) it started to slow down and showed more details about what was going on.  The message of Christ was clearly shown.  

I liked how they portrayed Judas also.  They didn’t show him as a bad guy in the beginning, but as a guy who turns upon pressure.   

The time frame for the whole movie was from right after his first miracle up to the Lord’s Supper.

I would recommend this to anyone with young children (my 4 love it) and would be very interested in seeing others from this series.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Facing the Giants – A movie review

Facing the Giants

Sherwood Pictures

Head coach Grant Tyler has a 6 year loosing streak.  He and his wife have been trying for years to have a baby. . . and can’t.  The entire team has a bad attitude.  For years one man has prayed for the revival of the school.  That man comes to Grant and tells him that God is going to use him. 

Facing the Giants is the second movie produced by Sherwood Pictures (The first is Flywheel a movie about a used car dealer. movie budget $20,000*).   By movie standards it is still very low-budget $100,00*, but with much more of a real movie feel.  

Facing the Giants is a movie designed to have you think: about the ‘Giant’s’ in our lives, the obstacles that seem to be unbeatable, mountains unclimbable.  But that if we put our trust in God, He will give us strength.  I do think the movie makes it look like all dreams come true, but I do know that God will provide all of our needs, even if He doesn’t provide all of our dreams. 

I give this movie a 5 out of 5, because of family friendliness, story line and ability to relate to many peoples lives.

By the way, did you know that Sherwood Pictures has a new film coming out in 2011 and that it is in production right now??  Courageous the  movie is about 4 policemen fathers.  Check it out to see what’s going on!!

* Budget amounts are provided by

**Note: This movie review has been done because I wanted to.  The makers of this movie, Amazon, nor Wikipedia have paid me.

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The Ultimate Gift – A movie review

The Ultimate Gift

Trust fund baby, Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller)  hates his grandfather, in fact everyone in his family can’t stand him.  So when Red Stevens (James Garner) dies, his family is happy to see him go, and leave his billions to them.  Only each person gets just part of what they want, there are stipulations to how they can use it, or something else, that makes them madder still. 
But Jason, comes out of the reading of the will with . . . a gift, not money, but instead Jason must do something.  And it keeps going like that.  Getting ‘gifts’.

This movie shows the huge difference between the rich and the poor (could it be that life might actually be easier for some poor people than some rich people??)  The theme of the movie is living life to its fullest in every way, not just buying material things.  And friends, money will buy them, they just won’t be there to support if you if you need it.

Mild swearing(H— and BS), and Jason’s girlfriend ‘slips into something more comfortable’.  But other than that I have no complaints.

A family movie, that I really enjoy watching!

* Note: This movie review was written because I wanted too, and I was not paid to write this review by anyone, including the makers of the movie or

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Baby Signing Time – Two Little Hands

Lets Be FriendsBaby Signing Time “Let’s Be Friends”  – by Two Little Hands

I have always used ‘meal’ time signs with my kids, just taught them some things that I found in a book.  Things like: more, please, drink, and eat.  They have all picked that up before 12 months.  While at the library the other day I found this DVD, actually this one and “A New Day”.  I picked them up for my 3 1/2 year old, just so she could do “school” when her brothers were.  All four of my kids LOVE these videos!! (20 months – 6 1/2 yrs). 

Of the two, I would pick this DVD, it has lots of sharing type signs. 

A list of signs include: Friend, play, share, nice, feel, happy, laugh, sad, cry, hot, cold, yes, no, me, dirty, clean, apple, pear, carrot, peach, juice, bubble, Balloon, telephone, music, and game.  There are also some signs from other shows, that you might recognize.

The part that the kids love the most is that each section of words has a new song, and so they sing as they sign.  I’m sure that it also helps that most of the videos are of toddlers (probably between 18-36 months). 

I love teaching the kids Sign Language because they are able to ‘talk’ to me so much earlier with that than speaking it.  I’m going to be on the look out to see if I can snag these on sale somewhere!! I would love to have all of them here all the time!!

*I have not been paid to write this review, it is a DVD that I borrowed from the library, but would love to have in my personal library.

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IMAX: Under the Sea – A Movie Review

IMAX: Under the Sea

Jim Carrey (narrator)

A 40 minute informational movie about the creatures under the sea. 

Hubby and I saw the preview for this on “The Blind Side” and thought the kids would really enjoy it.  Popped it in for them and after a few minutes I knew that I would have to watch it again, so that I could write a review about it 🙂 

Jim Carrey is a riot normally and this is a fairly serious movie (informational) so he has a serous tone while adding bits of humor to it all (most of which my kids didn’t get, but hubby and I did).

Laughed at the convent fish (pretty sure that was their name), because the babies “must feed their parents”.  Carrey listed a two options, my kids didn’t think the “eating a few of their children a night” option was so funny.

The picture quality was good (even though this was the regular version not the blue ray, which I’ll bet is Awesome).  Scenes flow well from one to another, and color is good.  Sound effects are a bit cheesy, but maybe that helps the kids understand it more. 

Other than occasionally pushing the ‘global warming’ agenda, this is a good safe movie for kids, that also won’t annoy mom and dad.

*Note:  I am writing this review because I want to; no one connected to this movie or has paid me to write it.  All opinions are mine

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The Blind Side – A movie review

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw

Based on the true story of Michael Oher a now pro Football player.

Michael (Quinton Aaron)  is maybe 16 or 17 at the beginning of this movie, and he is from the ‘wrong’ side of town.  Everyone can see he is huge, and he’s great with a basketball.  He ends up getting into a private Christian school, and they want him to play football, but he needs to seriously raise his grades first. 

Leigh Tougy (Sandra Bullock) and her husband Sean Tougy (Tim McGraw) see ‘Big Mike’ walking late at night when it’s cold out, and figure out that he has no home, and invite him to stay with them for the night.  They end up becoming much more involved, and helping his teachers and his coach understand who Michael is.  Helping them learn how to teach him. 

A movie about adoption, taking care of other peoples needs, and not caring about other peoples judgement.  A movie about beating the odds and getting out of unfavorable situations.  A movie about real family love (and Michael IS part of their family). 

I liked the Blind Side, it was a good story that was well written. There was swearing in it, although not so much that I couldn’t enjoy the movie (of course I would have prefered they skipped that all together and it still would have flowed well, but that’s me).  No sex scenes or even hints of it.  Michael did at one point defend his “sister” and “mom” from offensive comments from his old friends.

The first 5 minutes confused me, and I kept waiting for more details about it, but I never did see more about it.  It was about a football accident involving other players, but I didn’t see how it fit.   Because of this scene I was tense waiting for the ‘accident’ and sure that his life was going to be ruined. 

I was able to enjoy this movie even with the swearing, some violence, and the gang members used derogatory slang towards women. Oh, and I know nothing about football 🙂

*Note:  I am writing this review because I want to; no one connected to this movie or has paid me to write it.  All opinions are mine.

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Bella – A movie Review


A story of a young waitress (Nina) who finds out she is pregnant, who on the same day looses her job because she is late, and (Jose) head chef (brother to the owner of the restaurant) who walks out on his job to see if he can help her.  Nina is sure that abortion is the only way for her to solve her problems.  Jose has flashbacks to a terrible accident that changed the course of his life forever, but also made him more open to looking at the people around him, and making him care for them.  Nina and Jose spend the day together, finding out about each other’s pasts, dreams they both had, and becoming friends.  Jose trying to convince Nina that her baby deserves a chance to live, and that if she doesn’t want to be a mom, she should at least give it up for adoption vs an abortion. 

My two cents worth 🙂  I liked it.  The movie was a bit fast paced in my opinion, with lots of flashbacks and flash forwards (in most movies you don’t often see where the characters imagine what might happen).  It made it a bit hard for me to keep up, I did understand it all when the film was done, but it just seemed a bit choppy some times.  Scene changes were a bit dramatic sometimes too, often with a bit  of extra noise, or flashes of light.  This didn’t make it bad, just a bit startling sometimes.   I think that the accident scene (I won’t spoil it and tell you what happened) was well done, it gave you enough details  that you understand what happened, and you feel great empathy for those involved, but you don’t go away sick because there are too many details.  The ending is great!! Not exactly what I expected, but very happy.  It also left a bit to the imagination (there were 4 of us watching it, and we didn’t all agree with what the ending meant. . .  that is nice sometimes).

Over all, I liked the movie, honestly wouldn’t pick it as a movie to watch over and over, but I wouldn’t have a problem watching it a second time either.  There were also no sex scenes or swearing – a big bonus for me 😉   

Rated PG (due to the accident scene I think. . .)

*Note:  I am writing this review because I want to; no one connected to this movie or has paid me to write it.  All opinions are mine.

**note: My husband thinks this has the feel of an ‘independant film’

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