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Celebrating and Savoring – MSM

As you know, if you follow my fb profile, I am often on Money Saving Mom’s page, and sharing her posts!! I recently purchased Crystal’s book Celebrating and Savoring, A Simple Christmas.  It is a short book with ideas to stay with in your gift budget, budgeting time, Decorating, and much more.  I have read about half of it, and am feeling encouraged that I’m on track . . . mostly 🙂  I have my cash budget, I have most of the supplies to make the gifts I’m going to make (and about 1/3 of the way done) and already have a plan for when I’m decorating (Day after thanksgiving, and planning on keeping it simple, I do have little people.  
Anyway, Crystal is giving away a Kindle in honor of her book! So check it out on her site. Sounds like today is the last give away.  Also check out her book, I think it is 0.99 for one more day!! 

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WFMW – Sonlight reading box

Sonlight books in a box

all of our books are held easily in an old Lego box!

Our family uses Sonlight as our School curriculum, and one of the things we do (besides only put 5 weeks of the lesson plans in a small binder) is to put all of the books in the same box. An old LEGO box!!
I put all of the books that we will use during that 5 week time period in the box, and then I can (or one of the kids) can just grab all of the books at one time!! It makes the school day so much faster and easier.

Works for me Wednesday!!

<a href=””><img alt=”works for me wednesday at we are that family” height=”198″ width=”300″ src=”×198.png” /></a>

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Has it really been two years??

I was thinking about my blog the other day, and came over to look at something, only to realize IT”S BEEN TWO YEARS since my last post!?!?  Wowser’s!!  I am hoping to get back into it, mostly doing reviews on books the kids and I read for school, a few that I read on my own, and things that we use, which will probably be mostly kids things 🙂
I am also thinking about doing the Works for Me Wednesday’s  Just to give me a need to get on!! 🙂   Let me know if there are things you would like to see on my blog.

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Want to win a KINDLE??

A Kindle is defiantly on my Christmas list (I really want the Fire HD, so the kids can use it to watch some of their school videos, and we can play educational games, so I like the gc option, I have Swagbucks I could add to buy it!!:)  )

Crystal at is giving away one  Kindle Paperwhite in honor of her new Christmas ebook!!
Go sign up!!


*I am an Amazon Affiliate!! 🙂

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