Toward the Goal – Jeremy v. Jones

29 Jul

Toward the Goal

                *  The Kaka Story

Jeremy V Jones

Kaka is a young Football (Soccer if you’re from America) player from Brazil.  He loves sports & he loves God.  When he is seriously injured as a young teen,  the doctors were surprised he wasn’t paralysed, and were sure that he would never play sports again.  But God is bigger than injuries, and Kaka went on to play football, in fact playing football very well!!

This book is written for preteens(9-12), with a great message of faith.  It also talks about working hard for your goals.  I like how the book is set up with story and background information.  Without seeming like a ‘school book’ the author adds a few paragraphs at the end of each chapter about different topics (Brazil, history of soccer, world cup records ect), so you learn something new!! It was very fun.  I also like how the author added the first round info for the 2010 World Cup, letting you know that Kaka’s story isn’t finished yet!!  If you have a preteen that likes sports, check out this book!! (I actually checked into it because I have friends who have a preteen, and they are missionaries in Brazil!!, makes me feel a bit closer to them 🙂 ) 

* NOTE – This book was provided to me by Zondervan free for review purposes.  I was not asked to write a positive or negative review, all opinions are my own.

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