White Chocolate Moments – Lori Wick

23 Jul

White Chocolate Moments

Lori Wick

Archineh (Arcie) is 11 when she is in a car accident that kills her parents. She moves in with her Grandfather whom she adores and who adores her.  But now she must deal with a very jealous cousin, who finally drives a wedge between them.  She finally decides to leave, and runs away at the age of 18.  She learns to work, and works very hard, living a life completely different from the one she grew up.  Arcie grew up very privileged when her parents were living, and even more so when she moved in with her business tycoon Grandfather. 

White Chocolate Moments covers more than 13 years of Arcies life in a very detailed way.  You feel like she is one of your best friends, and that you have watched her through the years, seeing her triumphs and her struggles. 

* Note: This review has not been paid for. Lori Wick,,  & Harvest House have no clue who I am, and have not asked me for this review.  (and now I really want some White Chocolate!! Yumm)

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