The Protector – Carla Capshaw

16 Jul

The Protector

Carla Capshaw

Quintus was a successful merchant before he was arrested for his faith in Jesus, but now he is a servant and a gladiator forced to fight against difficult odds just to live.  Adiona is the widow who turns the heads of all the men around her, and she in turn gives them an icy glare.  When Adiona’s life is being threatened she must depend on Quintus to protect her, when she would rather not depend on anyone, let alone a male. 

As a ‘monthly reader’  this book was a big surprise.  First of all, it was long!! (almost 300 pages) and it was very well written.  This was the second book of what appears to be a series, but you don’t feel lost if you have not read the first (which I have not).  There were a few twists and turns in the book that I didn’t predict at all, making it very a surprising read.

*Note:  The opinions of this review are my own, and I have not been asked to write this review by anyone, including the author or  publisher.

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