Take Four – Above the Line – Karen Kingsbury

12 Jul

Take Four – Above the Line

Karen Kingsbury

Keith and Dayne are getting ready to make a new movie about the book Unlocked (Karen has actually wrote this book, and it will be out October 12, 2010), and this story is about the filming of that movie.  Bailey has many choices to make about relationships, and is offered a surprising job, which allows her to be of great influence.  Andi must make a tough choice about the baby she is carrying, will she give it up for adoption or raise it herself. 

Take Four is the final book of the “Above the Line” series, and  I really enjoyed the book,  love the characters, but the book didn’t have a real end in my opinion.  She gave it a ‘closing’, but I felt like the story was left hanging.  This is not a story you will want to read ‘by it’s self’, because you will need to finish the next book/series to have an end.  I am excited to read the next series (the Bailey Flanigan series), but this series just did not seem complete. 

Baxter Fan Club extra chapter:   A month or so ago I mentioned that my mom and I became members of the Baxter family club, and with that you are mailed the book, and it has Karen’s signature on the cover.  Also included is an extra chapter that is emailed to the ‘club’.  I was super excited to get this, and actually got the email while I was out, so I was very anxious to get home and read it!!  I was slightly disappointed though when I read it.  The extra chapter really had nothing to do with this particular book, but was about the Baxter family only (which is neat) and really it was just a recap of the reunion that Karen had of all of the fan club in Indianapolis in June.  I’m sure that anyone who was able to go to it was excited to read this chapter, but I found it a bit of a let down for my expectations. 

*Note:  This book review has not been paid for., Karen Kingsbury and zondervan have no clue who I am.  All opinions are my own.

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