The Ultimate Gift – A movie review

23 Jun

The Ultimate Gift

Trust fund baby, Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller)  hates his grandfather, in fact everyone in his family can’t stand him.  So when Red Stevens (James Garner) dies, his family is happy to see him go, and leave his billions to them.  Only each person gets just part of what they want, there are stipulations to how they can use it, or something else, that makes them madder still. 
But Jason, comes out of the reading of the will with . . . a gift, not money, but instead Jason must do something.  And it keeps going like that.  Getting ‘gifts’.

This movie shows the huge difference between the rich and the poor (could it be that life might actually be easier for some poor people than some rich people??)  The theme of the movie is living life to its fullest in every way, not just buying material things.  And friends, money will buy them, they just won’t be there to support if you if you need it.

Mild swearing(H— and BS), and Jason’s girlfriend ‘slips into something more comfortable’.  But other than that I have no complaints.

A family movie, that I really enjoy watching!

* Note: This movie review was written because I wanted too, and I was not paid to write this review by anyone, including the makers of the movie or

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