Breastfeeding Diary -Microsoft Windows Mobile

16 Jun

Breastfeeding Diary for Microsoft Windows Mobile


With my new phone, and a new baby, what other product could I possibly need but a breastfeeding app. I actually looked for one about 2 months ago, but didn’t find it until last week  (new app) right after I got home from the hospital with him!  

This app is designed to help you keep track of when you feed your baby, which side you started on (so that you can start on the opposite next time) and let you know how long your baby ate.  

What I liked. 

No real set up, you can go in and change the name easily, and that is all you need to do. 
Easy to figure out.  a left/right button starts it up, and you let it run while you nurse.  
Pause button allows you to burp baby, and “Switch” changes it from Left/right right/left
It takes very little memory, so you can leave it open all of the time (I’ll tell you why I had to later)
It totals your time for the entire feeding (Left 17, Right 12 =  29) 
Allows you to see either all the details for each feeding or just the total time and start side
You can use other programs or the phone while it keeps working

What I didn’t care for

Every time you open the program it opens it up to “New Baby” and so you have to open up your babies profile (so I just left it open running in the background all the time)
It only shows todays stats and yesterdays.  
If you forget to stop your feeding (Which I did often) you can only mark it as incorrect, you can’t edit it

What I wish it had

Ability to add diaper change info
Ability to correct feedings

Note: This reveiw was not paid for, and I purchased this app on my own.  I will probably not use this program long, but for the few weeks that I did/will use it, it has been very helpful to get my schedule set.

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One response to “Breastfeeding Diary -Microsoft Windows Mobile

  1. Winnie

    June 18, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Hi Andrea,

    I used the application too and thought I’ll share some tips 🙂

    To edit the feeding duration, I deleted the incorrect entry then entered a new feed with the right times. I used this retro method whenever I forgot to stop the feed or if the phone wasn’t around me when I started nursing.

    Also, to view previous logs, go to Settings, select the baby, then the log you want and click OK.

    Hope that helps and congrats on ur little one!


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