Potty Training 1-2-3 – Gary Ezzo

04 Jun

Potty Training 123

What Works, What Doesn’t and Why

Gary Ezzo

A book designed to . . . you guessed it, Potty train, this book gives:

  • helpful advise on how to get started – tools and general guidelines
  • timing – are you ready, is your child, is the rest of the family, ect
  • incentives – they recommend food which I struggled with, but ‘input=output’.  They also give suggestions on which food treats might work the best.  Another thing that he recommends is a cheering section (grandpa and grandma, a favorite aunt or uncle, older siblings.)
  • when to give the incentives – rewarding more for ‘clean and dry’ than for ‘going’

The book is short, and detail packed, easily readable in one night, or snuck in over a few lunch breaks. 

With 4 children (3 of which I have potty trained)  I have to say I like this book!  I did not use it with my first, I just guessed (it took him forever to get it).  With my second I bought the book after a false start, and we had a bit of a problem, but he got it soon after I restarted with the principles of the book. With our third, I had already read the book, but I reread it, and jumped in excited to get it done fast!!  We were accident free in about a week.  (there were occasional accidents, but about 1 a week, so I would consider that accident free).  I will soon (July or August probably)  be training our fourth, and I am only waiting until then because baby makes 7 and I don’t want to false start with him.  I don’t anticipate problems, and I am excited to work with him (even more excited to save the money that his diapers cost, and only need to purchase diapers for the new baby).

** Note:  This review is being done because I want to.  It was a book I purchased a while back (3 years ago) and have used with 2, soon to be 3, of my children.   No one has paid me to write this review.  I would highly recommend this book.  Good Luck!!

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