Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe – Todd Wilson

28 May

Lies Homeschooling Moms BelieveTodd Wilson

Todd Wilson

With Homeschool Convention season around the corner, I’m sure that at least a few of you will meet Todd Wilson.  My husband and I met him last year at our homeschooling convention, and he had us both laughing at ourselves (really me) and the things that homeschooling mom’s feel. 

With a section of “Lies” and a section on “Truths” this book tells us that what we are thinking, we aren’t thinking alone 🙂 

Just a few of the “Lies”, Everyone elses kids are better, everyone elses home is cleaner, everyone else can do it all, every other mom loves homeschooling (and more)  Each section goes through the lies and shows us, why they are lies with cute little comics to help you laugh even more!!

Backed with some “Truth”, You are not alone, God gave your children exactly the mother they needed (struggle here), You can’t do it all, Those perfect homeschooling families are not real.

I love how Wilson gives you permission to be your own family ( I don’t need to grind my own wheat & bake my own bread, nor do I need to have all of my children playing a musical instrument by the time they are 7, playing sports.  . . if it works for the whole family.  The Lord calls people to homeschooling, and He gives us each different abilities.  My job as mom is to do what the Lord wants of me, not what ‘all the other homeschooling moms’ are doing!! 

If you want to laugh at just a few of Wilson’s comic’s check out his encouragement cards

*Note: I got this book at a Homeschooling Convention last year, and really needed it, laughed and cried my way through it.  Todd Wilson has no clue who I am, or that I have written this review. I have not be paid by Todd Wilson or


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3 responses to “Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe – Todd Wilson

  1. blackmore

    May 28, 2010 at 10:14 pm


  2. Allenia Allen

    November 2, 2010 at 5:42 am

    Thank you for this post! I needed to read that and found some of the “lies” that you mentioned sound so much like what goes through my head most days! Glad to know we are not alone in our thoughts but that we have a God who is faithful to give our children the parents they need for the people He has purposed them to become! Lord give us wisdom and strength!
    Allenia Allen (United Kingdom)

  3. jen

    April 7, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    sharing this with other homeschooling moms 😀


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