Baby Signing Time – Two Little Hands

26 May

Lets Be FriendsBaby Signing Time “Let’s Be Friends”  – by Two Little Hands

I have always used ‘meal’ time signs with my kids, just taught them some things that I found in a book.  Things like: more, please, drink, and eat.  They have all picked that up before 12 months.  While at the library the other day I found this DVD, actually this one and “A New Day”.  I picked them up for my 3 1/2 year old, just so she could do “school” when her brothers were.  All four of my kids LOVE these videos!! (20 months – 6 1/2 yrs). 

Of the two, I would pick this DVD, it has lots of sharing type signs. 

A list of signs include: Friend, play, share, nice, feel, happy, laugh, sad, cry, hot, cold, yes, no, me, dirty, clean, apple, pear, carrot, peach, juice, bubble, Balloon, telephone, music, and game.  There are also some signs from other shows, that you might recognize.

The part that the kids love the most is that each section of words has a new song, and so they sing as they sign.  I’m sure that it also helps that most of the videos are of toddlers (probably between 18-36 months). 

I love teaching the kids Sign Language because they are able to ‘talk’ to me so much earlier with that than speaking it.  I’m going to be on the look out to see if I can snag these on sale somewhere!! I would love to have all of them here all the time!!

*I have not been paid to write this review, it is a DVD that I borrowed from the library, but would love to have in my personal library.

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