Webster the Scaredy Spider- Hermie and Friends Max Lucado

24 May

Webster the Scaredy Spider- Hermie and Friends

Max Lucado

Webster is a spider, who is afraid of everything.  When Webster arrives at the Garden he doesn’t realize that Spiders are not welcome, because everyone there is afraid of spiders.  Hermie and Wormie are the only ones to give Webster a chance, and they want to remind Webster that God is there for him. 

Hermie and Wormie try all kinds of ways to trick everyone into giving Webster a chance, but everyone is just afraid of him.  Until Hailey and Baily (lady bug twins) decide to see if he really is friendly and leave to find him.  They end up getting stuck, and heading down a river.  Wormie is scared, but he takes a leap of faith and helps them.  After that, everyone decides that Webster might not be so bad and they take time to meet him.   Webster thanks God for giving him bravery to save the twins.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a Max Lucado children’s book I didn’t like.  The Hermie and Friends are kind of simple, only because they are based on a movie.  My kids enjoy these books, and they can watch the movies to get extra bits of the story. 

*Note, Max Lucado, Thomas Nelson, and have not paid me to write this review, and I only write it because. . . well, I wanted to 🙂

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