Tales from the Pantry: Soccer – Patsy Clairmount

17 May

Tales from  the Pantry: SoccerPatsy Clairmount

Patsy Clairmount

Soccer is a little mouse who lives with his parents in a forgotten box of Christmas Candy.  Soccer’s friend Tipsy (a spider who lives behind a Jelly Jar) tells Soccer about a ‘new cat’  in the house. There has always been an older cat to chase the mice, but now there is a new one, a younger one, who was “Wild”.  but unfortunately Tipsy had not seen Whomp (the wild cat) with her own eyes, neither had the two people before her.  Soccer’s mom tries to remind him that we shouldn’t beleive everything we hear.

Eventually Soccer meets Whomp, a tiny little mouse who is afraid of Soccer.  They talk for a bit before Whomp asks Soccer to be his friend (and Soccer asks his parents 🙂 )    Also at the end, Tipsy apologizes, because her friend came to tell her that she also misunderstood, and Whomp is not a wild cat but a mild cat!!

My favorite stories for kids are ones that teach lessons.  The moral of the story, “You can’t believe everything you hear” and don’t spread rumors!!    My son is 6 and he has read all 5 of the Tales from the Pantry stories many times, he loves them!! I love that he’s getting healthy stories.  (2nd grade reading level)

*Note:  Patsy Clairmount doesn’t know who I am, and has not paid me to write this review.  I just enjoy doing kids book reviews so you can find great books for your kids too!!

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