Hearts Awakening – Delia Parr

14 May

Hearts Awakening

Delia Parr

Thirty-one year old spinster Ellie has just moved in with her cousin, and begins working for Jackson, who is a recent widower with two boys.  Because of the scandal of his first marriage, Jackson decides to propose to Ellie.  After rejecting his offer, she prays and goes back to accept his offer, but that is just the beginning of all of their struggles.  gossiping neighbors, two little boys who desperately want their mother, pride and fear all have the marriage on rocky ground.

I found a lot of good story line in this book, with some confusing areas.  It was not exactly what I expected when I picked it up.  Their marriage was very rough up until the last chapter, so I almost don’t feel like it had the ‘happily ever after’ even though they are both commited to the marriage by the end of final chapter.   

Spiritual content:  It bothers me when books portray everyone as saved and going to heaven.  Ellie does a lot of praying!!  but beyond that there is very little in leading to Christ. 

*Note: this Free book was provided by Bethany House Publishers  for review purposes.  I am not required to write a positive or negative review, but to simply state my opinion.

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