Sixteen Brides – Stephanie Grace Whitson

10 May

Sixteen Brides

Stephanie Grace Whitson

Fifteen women (Sixteen if you count the stow away) set off for the west to take up land.  Free land that the government will give them if they live on the land for 5 years or more.  Only the man who set it all up knows that there is no land at the end of their ride, but plenty of men looking for wives (men who have paid for brides). 

When one of the ladies learns of what is really going to happen at the end of the train, she decides to get off early, and take land in a nearby town, where she can actually accomplish what she set out to do.

Romance stories for more than one couple can be a bit confusing, this story has FIVE!!! plus the stories of a few other people mixed in.  Each of the ladies who left the Bride Train early have a different story, different reasons for wanting a new start in the west.    Each widow has her own hurts and past, and they learn to work and grow together.  Ultimately falling in love towards the end of the book.

This book is a “Christian Fiction” book, but other than it being clean (which I would expect from any christian publisher) and an occasional reference to prayer, there is nothing in the way of spiritual growth.  I will say that there is a part of the book that talks about forgiveness, but it is forgiveness towards another person (very good) but nothing by means of forgiveness from God.  I found nothing inappropriate in the book, and it was a fun read, I have always enjoyed reading about this time era, but other than it being clean, I don’t have any recommendations for it as a ‘Christian’ book.  

*Note: this Free book was provided by Bethany House Publishers  for review purposes.  I am not required to write a positive or negative review, but to simply state my opinion. 

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