Jessie – Big Sky Dreams by Lori Wick

07 May

Book 3Jessie – Big Sky Dreams

Lori Wick

Jessie is the owner of the local mercantile.  She recently lost her father, and only a few years before that she lost her mother.  A strong young woman who knows what she wants, and exactly how she wants it done.  When Seth comes to town, needing a job, she hires him to help out, not expecting to fall in love.  They are soon married and expecting not long after.  Stress on the young couple make the relationship very hard, and Seth leaves, not know what to do. 

Fast forward 6 years, and you find Seth coming home to his wife and two daughters (Jessie was expecting when he left, but neither knew it).  With a new relationship with Christ, Seth wants to repair his relationship with his wife, but again doesn’t know how to do this, at least this time his relationship with Christ will point him in the right direction. 

I really enjoyed reading “Jessie” . The story is (like all Lori Wick) well written, detailed without sounding like a list, and again it gives lots of spiritual content.  Some of the lessons that different characters went through were very convicting to me, and I knew that I need to apply some of the things that Lori Wick was sharing in my own life.    As part of a series, it seemed to jump a bit(The first 4 chapters occurred years before the first book), and would have worked really well as a stand-alone title, but it was also fun to see all the characters again, so it worked well in the series.  Also, Seth went into some of the details of his 8 years away, and you can read parts of that story in “A Texas Sky”.  It took me a while to figure out why it sounded so familiar, so I did some research and discovered why 🙂  It has been a while since I read that book, but it is fun to see it from Seth’s point of view, where before it was Darvi’s. 

Another great book by Lori Wick, that I would highly recommend.

Cassidy – A review of the first book in the Big Sky Dreams by Lori Wick

* Note: I have not been paid to write this review, nor have I been asked to review this book by anyone (but myself)  Lori Wick, Amazon, and Harvest House Publishers have not paid me to write this review
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