IMAX: Under the Sea – A Movie Review

05 May

IMAX: Under the Sea

Jim Carrey (narrator)

A 40 minute informational movie about the creatures under the sea. 

Hubby and I saw the preview for this on “The Blind Side” and thought the kids would really enjoy it.  Popped it in for them and after a few minutes I knew that I would have to watch it again, so that I could write a review about it 🙂 

Jim Carrey is a riot normally and this is a fairly serious movie (informational) so he has a serous tone while adding bits of humor to it all (most of which my kids didn’t get, but hubby and I did).

Laughed at the convent fish (pretty sure that was their name), because the babies “must feed their parents”.  Carrey listed a two options, my kids didn’t think the “eating a few of their children a night” option was so funny.

The picture quality was good (even though this was the regular version not the blue ray, which I’ll bet is Awesome).  Scenes flow well from one to another, and color is good.  Sound effects are a bit cheesy, but maybe that helps the kids understand it more. 

Other than occasionally pushing the ‘global warming’ agenda, this is a good safe movie for kids, that also won’t annoy mom and dad.

*Note:  I am writing this review because I want to; no one connected to this movie or has paid me to write it.  All opinions are mine

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