The Blind Side – A movie review

28 Apr

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw

Based on the true story of Michael Oher a now pro Football player.

Michael (Quinton Aaron)  is maybe 16 or 17 at the beginning of this movie, and he is from the ‘wrong’ side of town.  Everyone can see he is huge, and he’s great with a basketball.  He ends up getting into a private Christian school, and they want him to play football, but he needs to seriously raise his grades first. 

Leigh Tougy (Sandra Bullock) and her husband Sean Tougy (Tim McGraw) see ‘Big Mike’ walking late at night when it’s cold out, and figure out that he has no home, and invite him to stay with them for the night.  They end up becoming much more involved, and helping his teachers and his coach understand who Michael is.  Helping them learn how to teach him. 

A movie about adoption, taking care of other peoples needs, and not caring about other peoples judgement.  A movie about beating the odds and getting out of unfavorable situations.  A movie about real family love (and Michael IS part of their family). 

I liked the Blind Side, it was a good story that was well written. There was swearing in it, although not so much that I couldn’t enjoy the movie (of course I would have prefered they skipped that all together and it still would have flowed well, but that’s me).  No sex scenes or even hints of it.  Michael did at one point defend his “sister” and “mom” from offensive comments from his old friends.

The first 5 minutes confused me, and I kept waiting for more details about it, but I never did see more about it.  It was about a football accident involving other players, but I didn’t see how it fit.   Because of this scene I was tense waiting for the ‘accident’ and sure that his life was going to be ruined. 

I was able to enjoy this movie even with the swearing, some violence, and the gang members used derogatory slang towards women. Oh, and I know nothing about football 🙂

*Note:  I am writing this review because I want to; no one connected to this movie or has paid me to write it.  All opinions are mine.

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