Sabrina – Big Sky Dreams – by Lori Wick

23 Apr

Sabrina – Big Sky Dreams

Lori Wick

Sabrina is book two in the Big Sky Dreams series.  Sabrina is a prostitute living in Denver.  When offered a chance at a new life, she takes it, coming to know the love of Christ a short time later. Even though her heart, and address have changed, some of the people from her former life won’t leave her alone.  Sabrina finally decides with the help of her new friends that she needs to move, and she moves to Tolken City. 

This story was a bit hard for me to read, because I messed up the order of the books and read this one last (after Jessie).  The story is about forgiveness, and restoration.  Sabrina learned to forgive herself of her sins before Christ, and to trust that true brothers and sisters in Christ would not hold her past against her.    I hurt for the characters at times, and books like this remind me not to judge, and to also be thankful for where the Lord has placed me.

* Note: I have not been paid to write this review, nor have I been asked to review this book by anyone (but myself)  Lori Wick, Amazon, and Harvest House Publishers have not paid me to write this review

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