Bella – A movie Review

21 Apr


A story of a young waitress (Nina) who finds out she is pregnant, who on the same day looses her job because she is late, and (Jose) head chef (brother to the owner of the restaurant) who walks out on his job to see if he can help her.  Nina is sure that abortion is the only way for her to solve her problems.  Jose has flashbacks to a terrible accident that changed the course of his life forever, but also made him more open to looking at the people around him, and making him care for them.  Nina and Jose spend the day together, finding out about each other’s pasts, dreams they both had, and becoming friends.  Jose trying to convince Nina that her baby deserves a chance to live, and that if she doesn’t want to be a mom, she should at least give it up for adoption vs an abortion. 

My two cents worth 🙂  I liked it.  The movie was a bit fast paced in my opinion, with lots of flashbacks and flash forwards (in most movies you don’t often see where the characters imagine what might happen).  It made it a bit hard for me to keep up, I did understand it all when the film was done, but it just seemed a bit choppy some times.  Scene changes were a bit dramatic sometimes too, often with a bit  of extra noise, or flashes of light.  This didn’t make it bad, just a bit startling sometimes.   I think that the accident scene (I won’t spoil it and tell you what happened) was well done, it gave you enough details  that you understand what happened, and you feel great empathy for those involved, but you don’t go away sick because there are too many details.  The ending is great!! Not exactly what I expected, but very happy.  It also left a bit to the imagination (there were 4 of us watching it, and we didn’t all agree with what the ending meant. . .  that is nice sometimes).

Over all, I liked the movie, honestly wouldn’t pick it as a movie to watch over and over, but I wouldn’t have a problem watching it a second time either.  There were also no sex scenes or swearing – a big bonus for me 😉   

Rated PG (due to the accident scene I think. . .)

*Note:  I am writing this review because I want to; no one connected to this movie or has paid me to write it.  All opinions are mine.

**note: My husband thinks this has the feel of an ‘independant film’

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