Big Picture Story Bible – David Helm

14 Apr

Big Picture Story Bible – David Helm

One of the Pastors at our Church recommended this book a few months ago, and we talked about getting it, and finally just did.  I hadn’t really seen the inside of this, so we weren’t sure what we would think of it.
We LOVE it!!  The pictures are simple but descriptive, the story is short but accurate.  I can’t tell you how many ‘children’s bibles’ we have had to cross words out of because they change things.  The Big Picture Story Bible tells real bible stories and tells them accurately.  I was also happy to see that it skipped a lot of the stories that everyone writes about, but instead some of the stories that are great, but not often heard by little people. 

The Big Picture Bible is 453 pages broken up into 11 Old Testament stories, and 15 New Testament stories.

A great book to read to your kids and to let them start reading when they are able to!!  Highly recommend it!

*again, I paid for this book, and wrote the review, simply cause I wanted to 🙂  I like this bible!!

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