You’re a Brother, Little Bunny! by Maribeth Boelts

12 Apr

You’re a Brother, Little Bunny!  by Maribeth Boelts

We got this book from my parents when we were expecting our second.  Our oldest was still very young, only 16 months at his brother’s birth.   So I’m sure it didn’t make much sense to him then, but with a new addition coming soon, I was excited to find it again in our book shelf. 

The book is about a young school aged bunny who gets a baby doll for a present, so he can practice being a big brother.  He was very excited!! When the new baby comes, he’s still very excited, and loves his new baby brother.  But it doesn’t take long before he starts to not like his brother so much.  His brother cries a lot, gets lots of attention, and stinks (those crazy diapers), and has all kinds of adults telling him what a big help he needs to be.   Through it all, his parents continue to show Little Bunny their love for him, making sure he feels a part of the family.  When it’s Little Bunny’s turn to bring something to show-n-tell, he brings his brother, because by that time his baby brother has learned how to laugh and is much more fun!!

A cute story to remind new ‘older siblings’ that their new baby will grow up and become more fun as they get bigger. 

* Note, Amazon and the author did not pay me to write this review, it was just a fun book on our bookshelf.

A good book to read to your young child or about a 2nd grade reading level

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