The Noticer – Andy Andrews

09 Apr

The Noticer Andy Andrews

The Noticer is about an older man who is the “noticer” for quite a few people.  He (Jones is his name, not Mr. Jones, just Jones)  notices things that most of us ‘see’, just don’t notice.  The book goes through many different people, and situations and tells of the things that Jones notices. 

For example:

  • The first person who Jones talks to is the author (Andy gives his background and a bit of his life story in the first few chapters) .  Jones explains to Andy that he is looking at the situations in his life incorrectly.  It’s all about perspective.  His life is rough (he’s homeless, living under a pier or in peoples unlocked garages)  and doesn’t eat so great, but his attitude about it makes it so he won’t change.
  • The next people are a couple who love each other, but decide they don’t like each other, and are going to get a divorce.  Jones notices that people speak 4 dialects of love language, that all correspond to animals. Dog, Cat, Canary and Goldfish.  Dog’s just want you to affirm them “Good job”  “Wonderful job” type people.  Cat’s are touchy people, back rubs, hugs, you get the picture :).  Canary’s are time people, you don’t need to touch them or praise them, you just need to listen to them ‘sing’ and spend time with them.  Goldfish are acts of service type people,  wash the car, do the dishes, put the kids to bed type people.    Each person has a primary dialect, but might minor in a second dialect.  We tend to speak the dialect that we want to hear.  He shows them how to speak the other person’s dialect to them.
  • The next guy that Jones talks to is an “Eeyore” type guy.  He is the type who is sure that life is going to get worse.  Jones explains to him why he thinks this way, and how he can tweek his thinking so that he is no longer an Eeyore .  (This is actually me a lot of times. . . hmmm)  The goal is to change your thoughts to good things. He recommends writing down (everyday) the things you are grateful for (not just thinking about it, but writing it down) 
  • Young people who wanted to know how to get married and STAY married.  (a great chapter for anyone dating!!)
  • An older lady who decides that she is of no value because she has no more to give (how many of us have heard that??)  He then lists the achievements of some people who didn’t do ‘great’ things until they were older, or did something that seems small, but affects great numbers of people.

There are more, many more who were touched by Jones, and the book goes into details for about half a dozen more.  

All through this book, it seems to me that Jones is an Angel. The book is written as if all of this is real, and all events are true.  I can honestly say that I have never met an angel (and known it) so it seems weird (far fetched) to me. 

Are the lessons that are taught (and learned) good?? YES.  Do they make sense, and seem applicable?? YES.  Does it read like fiction?? NO.  Would I recommend reading this book?? Yes 🙂 

*Note:  I did not know what to expect from this book, I had heard Andy Andrews at Women of Faith, and so I was excited to read this book (I also thought from listening to Andy at WOF that Jones sounded like an angel). 

** Note: This book was not given to be to be used as a review, I am reviewing it because I just finished reading it and I want to.  Andy Andrews and  Thomas Nelson have not paid me to write this review.

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