Julie and Julia- a Movie review

07 Apr

  Julie and Julia – A Movie Review

A while back I found a free Red Box rental code, and a lot of my friends had posted on Facebook how much they loved this movie, or that they were going to or had watched it.  It looked like such a fun movie that I just grabbed it.  Honestly, I’m really picky about movies, and I feel that there can be some difference in opinion on what is ok for someone to watch. So, if you don’t agree with me, sorry, this is just my opinion, and I’m not saying you are wrong if you think differently than me. 🙂 

Now, I know that sounds like I don’t like Julie and Julia.  I  did enjoy it, and thought it was very cute, but I had a few problems with some of the things I saw/heard. 
I loved that both gals were married, stayed married and never had affairs and were happy!! For Hollywood to actually make a movie like that surprised me a bit.  definitely a good thing.  I like how ‘real’ the movie seemed by showing some of the rough parts of marriage and how they worked through it.  I think movies have a tendency to say marriage is either terrible or wonderful, but rarely does it show the in-between which is where most marriages are. 

My problems with the movie: Language and partial nudity.  I know that a lot of people probably didn’t/don’t have a problem with the amount that is in this movie, but for me it was too much.  I know that this is a ‘real’ story, so if that’s the way they talked, then some people would say it  ‘should’ be in the movie. I feel that watching people making out, half-dressed is inappropriate for people to see.   Really the language and make out scenes were just unnessisary and didn’t add to the quality of the movie.

PluggedIn is an online review site that tells you exactly what words are in movies and how many times it was spoken, and can be a great source before you watch a movie.  ( I had read it before I watched this, but then it was so long before I rented it that I forgot 🙂 )  

I think that Julie and Julia had great potential for being an awesome movie, but there was enough stuff in it that I probably won’t watch it again.

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