Gigi- The Purple Ponies

05 Apr

God's little Princess
My daughter loves Gigi!! She got a book of 4 books in 1 a while back, and loves that Gigi is a Princess (just like her) 🙂

Gigi: The Purple Ponies by Sheila Walsh

This cute little story is about when Gigi and her bff Frances decide that they are going to play soccer!! Now, not everyone who tries out will make the team, but ‘of course’ it will be them. Gigi is sure that she will make the team, even though she has no clue how to play or has ever tried. She just feels sorry for those who won’t play. When Gigi doesn’t do so well. . . well, it’s the balls fault, and Frances, she had a friendly ball.
Gigi’s dad is on hand to remind her that everyone has different gifts, and soccer might not be her’s
When the list is posted, Frances is on it, but Gigi is not. Frances decides she won’t play until Gigi reminds her that they all have special gifts, and that Frances should use her ability to play even if they can’t do it together.
In the very end Gigi realizes she is a very good cheerleader and can cheer her friend on. . .  they both get to do what they both do best!!

** Can you tell yet that I”m having fun!?!?

** I reviewed this book on my own and have received no compensation from, Sheila Walsh or Thomas Nelson

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