An Easter Carol – Veggie Tales

02 Apr

An Easter Carol – Veggie Tales

An Easter Carol is one of the last Veggie movies that was produced under the Big Idea studio (as far as I can tell) and so it is one of the last that has a truly Christian theme.  More on that later.
An Easter Carol is a lot like. . .  you guessed it “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.  With a few other comedic throw in’s from other movies.  Mr Nezzer, Millward’s (Larry) uncle is the owner of an egg making factory.  A plastic egg making factory (with plastic chickens who lay those eggs;)  ) Mr Nezzer believes that Easter is all about the eggs, and he is preparing to tear down the church to make an “Easter Land”.  He is visited by his Grandma (who had passed away the year before) who told him he would have a visitor who would explain to him what he was doing wrong.  Hope (Rebecca St. James) is a little angel who takes him to the past, present and future.  
The gospel is presented in the very end, mostly in a single song, but it is clear that Jesus is the reason for Easter and that He died on the cross for our sins. 

A fun/short little movie about why we celebrate Easter.

** This is a review of a movie my kids got from Grandma and Grandpa this Easter, and has in no way been paid for by Big Idea’s, Veggie Tales or anyone else who might have a connection to Veggie Tales

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