It’s Probably Just My Thyroid DVD – by Anita Renfroe

31 Mar

It’s Probably Just My Thyroid DVD – by Anita Renfroe

Ok, I saw Anita Renfroe live at Women of Faith: Over the Top this year.  She is a riot!! 

She is very random. She talks and has parts of a conversation, and then quickly changes to another topic (Very female)  She is a mix of stand up and musical comedy. 

A humourous explanation about the Thyroid tells how it works, and some of the problems that the thyroid causes. 

The DVD line up:

  • What I’m Talking About
  • LASIK and Hi Def
  • Dadsense
  • Creative Memories
  • Lay a Little Snare for You
  • It’s Probably Just my Thyroid
  • Before I Eat
  • Grocery Store Games
  • Magazines and Catalogs
  • Letter to My Younger Self
  • I Sing for Them

I loved this video!! I did also see “Two Thumbs Up” and it was cute, and humorous to see the changes Anita made through the years (Greatest songs – so far) type of video. 

If you’ve ever watched Banana’s comedy, they will sometimes pick on people just to get a laugh.  Anita doesn’t do that (although she did call Creative Memories a cult 😉 )  So it’s refreshing to have comedy that laughs at the difficulties of being female 🙂 

 It’s Probably Just My Thyroid is a DVD I would recommend to any woman (and her man) who wants a laugh!! Clean and Fun!!

* Note: This video review is my own opinion and should be taken as such.  I have not been paid to write this review, I just love laughing at her, so you might as well check it out too.  . .  Oh, and don’t forget to moisturizer your neck!! 🙂

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