Take Three- Above the Line by Karen Kingsbury

30 Mar

Take Three Above the Line by Karen Kingsbury

As with all Karen Kingsbury books, this one is hard to put down 😉 I made myself wait until after I had most of my house work done before starting, because. . .  well, I knew I wouldn’t put it down till I hit the back cover (I was right)

A LOT happens in Take Three!! So much I want to say but I don’t want to give anything away.   This story has many lessons.  Some easy to see, and many I’m sure I didn’t catch. Karen writes characters just like us, REAL people.  One of the challenges her characters have is prayer, not that they didn’t pray, but they didn’t always listen to the answers – for a while at least. 

Bailey has so many choices during this summer.  What does she really want with her life. What sacrifices will she make to get what she wants.  Can she have everything she wants, or will she lose something in the process.  Can she be the friend that Andi needs or will Andi turn her back to everything she has ever known. 

As movie producers, how much are Keith and Chase willing to sacrifice??  Their goal: To make movies that glorify God.  Will Chase forget his marriage vows?? Will Keith loose his daughter??  Can they produce movies that will make people look to God and hold onto their familys too?

Take Three is a  story of relationships: Breaking, growing, healing, changing.  I love how the changes are wound so effortlessly. 

I expected some of the things I read, and was surprised by others.  The story is set for “Take Four“, and I can’t wait for its release in June 2010!!

The main characters at the end of Take Two (in case it’s been a while since you read it):

  • Andi – 19 yr old Daughter of Keith and Lisa Ellison. Student at Indiana University.  Dating Taz and just completed a short movie with partial nudity.
  • Bailey – 19 yr old daughter of Jim and Jenny Flanagan.  Student at Indiana University.  Dating Tim, but has feeling for Cody.  Plans to audition in NY for a Broadway show with Tim at the end of the Summer. 
  • Brandon Paul – One of the Rising stars originally planning to play the lead in the newest movie by Keith and Chase, but his company has decided to write a story almost identical and cut out Keith and Chase.
  • Chase – Married to Kelly, has two preschool aged girls.  Struggling with an attraction to Kendall.  Producers of “The Last Letter” and planning “Unlocked”
  • Cody – (Around 22 yrs old) Student at Indiana University.  Recovering alcoholic.  Lost a leg during imprisonment  in Iraq.  In love with Bailey, but will not mention anything because of Tim. 
  • Dayne – Married to Katy (CKT) with one daughter.  Taking a break from acting.  Oldest son in the Baxter family.
  • Keith – Married to Lisa, Father to Andi.  Director of “The Last Letter”. Preparing for Unlocked.  Former missionary in Indonesia.
  • Kendall – Grown up daughter to Ben.  A pair who help finance and promote “The Last Letter” and plan to work with “Unlocked” in whatever ways possible.  Attracted to Chase.  
  • Luke – Married to Reagan, two children.  Lawyer for Dayne and also Jeremiah Produtions. Was having marital problems, but they have worked through them. 
  • Tim –  20 yr old.   Student at Indiana University.   Former CKT.  Plans to go to NY and be a part of Broadway.  Dating Bailey.


 *Note this book review was done because I love reading Karen’s books, and I was not asked to write the review (positive or negative)

** Note, I would not try to read Take Three until after you have read at least Take One and Take Two (but better would be to start at the very beginning with the Redemption Series  {Baxter’s & Katy}and then First Born Series  {Baxter’s & Dayne & Katy}and Sunrise Series {Dayne, Katy, Bailey})  Bailey is in all of the stories with Tim and Cody in at least a small part.  Andi, Keith, Chase and group all are part of the Above the Line series, so you won’t be missing anything about them if you start at Take One.

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