Romans: Grace, Truth, and Redemption by John MacArthur

23 Mar

Romans: Grace, Truth and Redemption by John MacArthur

I love to read,so it has always bothered me that I don’t “love’ to read my Bible.  I want to love reading my Bible, but honestly I struggle with it most of the time.  A few months ago, I was in Sunday School when on of our pastors was talking about how different each book in the bible is.  He explained that each book is written in a different (or one of a few different) style.  Story book, Informational, Poetic ect.  He explained that you can’t read each book the same.  This made a ton of sense after he explained it, because some of my favorite books are Ruth, Esther, Genesis, and parts of the Gospels.  Because they are story book format.  They are how I read!!  But, that leaves a lot of the Bible that is difficult for me to read, and I am working at learning to read some new styles, but at least I know what I need to do now!! 
I just started a new bible study a few weeks ago with a friend.  I am working on Romans by John MacArthur.  I’m excited about this study, because it’s 1. out of my comfort/normal zone which means I should grow 2. it’s not a topic study, which although they can be good, sometimes seem like the answer is in the question (does that make sense??)  3. I’ve read Romans many times, but MacArthur gives background and cross-references that I didn’t have the last times. 

Because this is a bible study, I probably won’t post a real review of it, and it will take me a long (cause I’m slow at this type of reading 😦 ) time to get it done.  But I have worked my way through the first chapter, and have honestly learned new things already.  I think I like the style and way that MacArthur has of asking questions that make you think. 

I’ll try to let you know when I finish this study and what I think!!

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