Just in Case You Ever Wonder – By Max Lucado

22 Mar

Just in Case You Ever Wonder - by Max Lucado

Just In Case You Ever Wonder    by Max Lucado

In my excitement to keep reviewing good books, I decided that this is a book you should check out!!
I have “A Max Lucado Children’s Treasury” and it has some wonderful stories in it.  Just in Case You Ever Wonder is the first story.

The book starts out “Long, Long ago God made a decision – a very important decision . . .  one that I’m really glad He made. He made the decision to make you.”  The book tells of all of the wonderful things God has made, and one of them is ‘you’!! and how special that makes us: because God made us special.   

The book tells of changes that babies make to toddlers, school age and on.  And then (I love this) “But as you grow and change, some things will stay the same. I”ll always love you. I’ll always hug you. I”ll always be at your side.  And I want you to know that. . . just in case you ever wonder.”  It continues like this for a little bit longer before the parent says “Most of all, I”ll be here to teach you about God”  🙂  Yeah for that!! and then the  author explains Heaven, and how Heaven will be, without pain and sorrow, sadness,  and sickness. 

The only thing I found that lacked was an explanation of HOW to get to Heaven.  This would be a great book for believing families because the parents can explain that, but I wouldn’t recommend it to unbelieving families because there is no way for them to understand how to get to heaven, just a “We’ll be there together, forever.”

** Note:  The books are linked to Amazon only because I know you can find it there along with the details that are on the back of the book.  You could purchase it at any Christian bookstore or any major book store of your choice.  Max Lucado and have no clue who I am or that I have written this review 🙂 

**and this book was purchased by me (I think, otherwise it was a gift to one of my kids, and I can’t remember who it’s from 😦  )

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