19 Mar

Ok, I’m super excited to actually post something here, so I’m going to review a few Homeschooling things we have used, and that I LOVE!!

First up. . . Math-U-See.  I have been using Math-U-See for two years now, with my 6 year old, and started this year with my 5 year old also.  My oldest has finished the first book, and is on lesson 15 of the second book.  Now, we don’t do our math book every day, or we would be a lot farther along, but he is able to skip count (by 2, 5, &10) He is also learning to find the answer for ‘the unknown’  ex, “What +5=9″  now when I was in HS, they called that algebra. . . with my 6 year old.  Of course this isn’t full blow algebra, but it’s laying down the foundation, and setting him up to learn it easier in the future.

Over all, I love how easy it is to teach. Pop a video in, watch it with them, explain what they don’t understand (Teacher book for what you need help with), play games and then have them practice to make sure they understand it.

The boys both love math, and ask if they can do ‘Their block homework”.

*Note: Math-U-See has not paid me to write a positive or negative review (in fact they don’t even know it’s here 😉 )

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